Meaningful Gifts for your Besties

Through the ups and downs, your besties are the ones who stand with you.  

Loves can come and go but when you are in need of a serious destress/ adventure/ sanity check, the ones you turn to are your best friends. With such a unique bond, it can sometimes be tough to show it other than quoting your favourite movie back and forth or holding their hair back when you’ve all had one drink too many at happy hour. 

We have put together a rundown of our favourite gift ideas for different occasions to show your besties how much they mean to you. 

To say thank you 

Be it plying you with cocktails when a love match goes sour, helping you get moved in to your new flat or keeping you on track with an important work deadlinethere is no end of things that we have to thank our friends for.  

The truth isthe best thank you gift you can get is to be there for them in return. That said, we love the range of Thank You flowers from Bloom Magic. When you want to send them a reminder of how wonderful they are to you, we are especially big fans of the chic hatbox collection. They come complete with a gorgeous hatbox to display the flowers in. No running around looking for a vase for your bestie. You also have the option to add chocolates and a bottle of fizzy goodness too.  

To get them through a tough time 

Sometimes you know that you friend is going through a hard time because you are right there in the trenches helping her wade through it. Other timesyou know that shestruggling but whether due to location or the situation itself, you can’t do much about it. A little pick me up present can be the perfect way to bring a smile to her face and say, “I see you, I’m here for you”. 

Put together a hamper of her favourite things. Maybe her favourite sweeties, a candle with that particular scent she lovesa throwback to a childhood hero or a nod to hobby. Once you’ve constructed it, add this adorable printable gift tag and list all the reasons she will get through this tough time on it.  

For a special birthday 

Maybe it is a milestone birthday like the big 30 or a 21st, or maybe it’s a year that has a special meaning to only the pair of you. As we get older, birthday gifts can become trickier to get right and often leave us scratching our heads with what to get.   

We came across this article about the best deals on photobooks and what to look for when deciding what to get. It made us realise that a photobook can make for a truly special birthday gift. Create one that chronicles your exploits over the years together as a perfect way to remember how far you have both come   

To celebrate a special achievement 

Let’s face it, nothing feels quite as good as knowing that your friend has kicked some serious ass. Be it a promotion at work, sealing the deal on a new home or bringing a tiny human into the world. When your bestie has been working hard, give them some time to rest, recharge and reflect on what they have accomplished. A day out a spa is an ideal way to give them some serious me time. Gift it in the form of a certificate or gift card so they can choose the best time to indulge.  


Whatever you decide to give them don’t forget to include a card or note.  

A heartfelt message from you and how much you genuinely appreciate them can be the most meaningful gift of all. 


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